Alternate Saturdays 6.30pm

Evening Worship in The Scout Hut, Aboyne

Alternate Sundays 6:20pm

Bible Study in Torphins

Every Wednesday 7:30pm

Prayer Meeting in Coull

Anything we can pray for?

River Fellowship is an independent Christian church whose deepest purpose is to worship God with our whole lives.

We seek to honour God the Father, and believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ His Son. We believe that it is only by faith in Jesus through His Grace that we have everlasting life.

We seek to live by the power and intimacy of the Holy Spirit.


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We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and seek to live in accordance with its teaching.

We believe in serving the local community through sharing the good news of Jesus and helping and encouraging those with spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

We desire to equip and release people to become passionate, devoted disciples of Jesus Christ and use and develop the talents and gifts which God has given them.

Our Vision

  • To be welcoming to all people

  • To be a church of friends – devoted to God and each other
  • To be committed to bringing the love and good news of Jesus to all
  • To see lives changed through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • To equip and encourage Christ’s people to do His ministry
  • To allow God to use us, in whatever way He chooses, to glorify Jesus, His son, through the activity of the Holy Spirit


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The Latest News & Updates

Holiness In Turbulent Times

Study Notes on Daniel 1A Constant Witness to God Through Personal and National Tragedy A) A Time of Enormous Turmoil Daniel was: A statesman first, but one gifted as a prophet (Mt 24:15)He lived through the exile of God’s people (1:3, 21)Where was God at this time?...

Opposition and Faithfulness

Study Notes on Acts 5:17 - 5 :42A Message God Will Not Allow to be Silenced A) The Opposition of the Sadducees Opposition Based on Pride “Pride is based on the mistake that the power is ours or that we in our own strength fulfilled the conditions to get it. But in...

Provision, Purity and Power

Study Notes on Acts 4:32 - 5:16The Holy Spirit Brings Love, Holiness and Power A) Provision in the Church (Acts 4:32 – 37) Providing For Others “While Christians today are to have the same spirit of love, they are not expected to sell their goods and form a separate...

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